From 02/01/2021 to 03/30/2021

The topic of 2021 edition of CACHAN Biennale is Breathe!

The ecological revolution, searching fto preserve our ecosystem, represents now a major social issue, shared by all.

The artistic field is one of the keys of education, being able to help growing a lasting, deep collective feeling in favour of the preservation of the environment, as well as the modification of our lifestyle in field of consumption and traveling.

A sensitive and strong impact is left on the audience, through the originality of art expression.

Until the end of March, you are able to enjoy the exhibition on the gates of Raspail Park and in &outdoor Jacques Carat Theatre! … Confinement requires … or its online virtual tour.

Guest artists: Anna ADAMCZEWSKA, Marine ASSOUMOV, Vincent BAILLIEZ, Nathalie BAS, Françoise BLONDEL, Hervé BOURDIN, Raphaëlle BOUTIE, Adeline BRETON, Pia CHANG, Emilie CHAUMET, Bruno CHENAL, Anne COMMET, Fabrice COSTA & Lucila SOL, Anne DAMESIN, Inès DIARTE, Jean-Paul DOUZIECH, Dominique DUBOIS, Jade FENU, Marie-Noëlle FONTAN, Jeanne FREDAC, Marianne GUILLOU, Frédérique HERVET, Orié INOUE, Alain JAQUET, Eli JIMENEZ LE PARC, Daniela JORDANOVA, Bénédicte KLENE, Minna KOKKO, Olivia LAIGRE, Tingyi LEE, Victoire LEJZERZON, Julio LE PARC, Olivier MARTY, Vincent MAUGER, Laurence MELLINGER, Christine MORIN, Frédéric OUDRIX, Isabelle PANAUD, Albert PEMA, Annick PERENNEC-DELIVEYNE, Ségolène PERROT, Daniela QUILICI, Barras RAMOS et l’Orange masquée, Arnaud SCHMELTZ, Kristina SHISKOVA, Elisabeth STRAUBHAAR, Brigitte TARTIERE, Florence VASSEUR, Caroline VEITH.