« Unity is strength »

Each people, each family, each person has its own history, but always marked by collective history. There are personal destinies-stories which form the living memory of the « European family ». The European identity has been built and continues to be bilted from to the differences and commonalities existing in each country but also from the historical processes of cultural, economic or political mixtures.

The concept

Cultural mosaic

The idea of ​​this project is to symbolize (in a positive sense) the life of the « new » European family. People of all nationalities migrate to our continent. Each person brings with him his « univers, his roots » as an act to recreate his new « family » and his new « home ». From one side the people faces uncertainty on this journey, but at the same time each one try to find a new future, filled of cultural and spiritual enrichment.
This work of art intents to express the process of « movement » and « balance » between private and community life, in our « surch for happiness »…

The figures are embroidered with different threads (strings, LED threads, etc.) of light « Embroidery of light » is a nod to the new era of « electronic information » in which we liveas well as a « genetic information » for each individual.